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   Original  Paintings
A member of the Bethlehem Art Association and the Greene County Council of the Arts, my paintings have gained wide acceptance in private collections and juried exhibits leading to numerous awards and solo shows in galleries, estates and other venues.   Paintings consist of landscapes, seascapes, still life, animals, abstracts and collages.  Pastels are painted on toned pastel or watercolor paper.  The collages are painted on watercolor paper in acrylics with other mediums and objects forming textures.  They are combined abstract elements with a semi-realistic approach to nature and as a result each viewer will observe something different.   Years of ballroom dancing has given me much inspiration to paint abstract dancers.   The enjoyment of creating art is not only about the finished piece, but also the creative process.    Quality note cards with envelopes are available.
All paintings are matted and framed.
"Kellie Lane", pastel
Eleanor Patton
"Garden", collage
"Pink Vase", w/c
"Forest", collage
1st place in BAA show
"In The Woods", pastel.
honorable mention in BAA show
"Rising Creek", pastel
2nd place in BAA show
"Fog Over Blueberry Fields", w/c
"Red Carnations", pastel
3rd place in BAA show
"Study", pastel
"Follow The Leader", pastel